Our Story

PIMM MOVEMENT focuses on fun, multi-functional, good quality and eco-friendly activewear that can also be worn as everyday wear. 

PIMM MOVEMENT is a Thai brand through and through. We produce everything in Thailand and the materials are sourced here in our country. PIMM in Thai means stamping or making a mark. We would like to make our mark in both the activewear world and fashion world as a brand of the new generations who are environmentally-conscious.

PIMM MOVEMENT is a movement for new generations who like to keep active and are also aware of our environment. We source fabric that is sustainable and eco-friendly and we make sure that our products are multi-functional so our customers can use them for various occasions without having to purchase so many clothes.

PIMM MOVEMENT cares about our environment. Every single set is packed in an eco-friendly, non-woven, biodegradable fabric bag made from a recyclable plastic fabric that can be reused as a make up bag or an everyday bag to carry small necessities like a wallet and a phone.

Let’s make a movement with us!